“Halalchain” Project listed third largest Exchange in South Korea

The Halalchain was officially launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 21st November 2017.

The Halal Chain is a traceability system, a consortium Blockchain accessible to all qualified parties, and most importantly an instant, cross-border settlement, trading and payment system according to shar’iah compliant standards.

On 10 December 2017, for the first time, Halalchain entered South Korea and made its debut in Seoul, South Korea.

In appreciation of attaining the remarkable achievement, Coinnest  and The Chinese Bloackchain Association in South Korea hosted the Halalchain Korean Community Appreciation Event, where International Center of Islamic Economy (ICIE) – Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sultan Al Howymel was invited as a guest of honor to attend the Ceremony and present opening remarks, as a GCC Region Co-Founder of Halalchain.

The Ceremony was attended by many bloackchain entities, as well as other business, few of the notable ones included: KHA Korea Halal Authority, Korea Joogang Certification, The Chinese Block Chain Assosciation in South Korea and Ent Ink Spc.

Mr. Sultan Al Howymel during his trip focused on the need of such Blockchain technologies in the market and how huge of a role Halalchain plays in the current era.